Thank You for Reading! :D

Tonight, was a truly extraordinary night. Sure, I'm so tired, since I've been doing activities without rest since this morning (college stuffs, farewell dinner party, and some mall-exploring :p). My eyes are on their backup power as I'm writing this article, so I'm just going to say it quick, and easy.

Thanks guys for visiting and reading my blog! :D

Tonight, despite being ruthlessly attacked by sloth and laziness, I've found out that my blog has been visited (and read) more than 1,000 times! Man, I know that set of number might not mean much for some people but for me, that's already quite an achievement. I wish I could meet with the 1,000th visitor and greet him in person, but I can't... unfortunately.

Anyway, 1,000 reads is just another motivation for me to build this blog further with better and more contents. Thanks again, Guys! :D


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