Might Get Longer...

Well, I know it's been quite a while since I last posted. However, my last post about the 'jungle' was true. Every morning, to gain information from the internet (especially about College's announcements, which needs constant monitoring over the web), I need to make a cup of coffee and hang out on the balcony. I only have 30 minutes to do that, too... since my dorm mates always take me out for breakfast at around 6.30 - 7.00 A.M.

Unfortunately, things got quite out of my expectation. During the meeting two days ago with parents and new students, the Dean and the Head of Department of my major announced that we needed to take additional pre-lectures called RC which stands for Remedial Course. There are two RCs offered: Calculus and Logic/Programming Algorithm (in case you're wondering, I'm in IT major, Business Information System program), and each of them will cost us money, which will be automatically debited from the participants' savings.

For Calculus, it's only necessary for those who graduated from Social Department in high school. As for the Science Department, it's optional. If a student thinks that he/she needs to refresh his/her memory about the subject, they're welcome to attend. If not, then carry on with your life, and enjoy the holiday until actual lecture comes up. If I remember it correctly, it's worth 3 credits... and  I heard each credit is worth Rp700,000,-. Not sure if it's true... but expensive nevertheless.

As for the second subject, Logic/Programming Algorithm, it's a MUST and RECOMMENDED for every student, regardless of which department they graduated from high school. The reason is that IT requires a comprehensive, logical thinking in order to create programs, networks, or even websites. In fact, yesterday we got a test about logic and programming, which is kind of hard. If we scored at least 56 out of 100, then I don't have to get the lecture. Otherwise, I need to spend the rest of July going to college...

So yeah, I think I'm going silent for a few days (unless I can update my blog through my iPad, which kinds of a pain in the @s5). For 10-17 of July, I'd sure be unavailable... while for the rest of the month, I would be available at certain times. I think I'm going to make a few drafts about my future posts.

Sorry, guys... and as always, Thanks for Reading! :D


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