iPod Nano, Getting Back to Old Design

Back to Old Design... Almost.
The last iPod line to be updated is the Nano line. The last time I saw the design of the Nano (4th or 5th Gen, I presume), I was fascinated at how thin and rectangular the design was. It was... sophisticated, cutting edge. But all went down when Apple released the ultra small iPod Nano. I know the word 'Nano' means small, but 6th Gen iPod Nano was too small for me. Good thing Apple returned to good old rectangular design, though :p. Hit to break to find out what it's capable of ;)

Design Overview
The New, 7th Gen Nano is no longer a square piece of aluminum with just a screen. It's now a more modern, miniaturized version of both iPhone and iPod Touch, with that little home button below the screen. It includes the new EarPod in its packaging. There's no new camera as rumored, though. Heck, who wants to take a picture from a device that small?

Anyway, the highlight of the new iPod Nano is not only the design, but also the richer selection of colors. The colors are identical to the iPod Touch and Shuffle... and again, it's most likely to be meant to draw the attention from youngsters and teenagers.

Video Support
Now, let's move on the features. The Nano might have the same interface as iOS, but it's not as advanced as the latter, although there are some exclusive features built-in into the device. The multi-touch 2.5" screen is capable of playing and viewing 16GB-worth of photos and videos.

The Nano also features a new Bluetooth  4.0 technology, for connecting to your car's audio, or that rockin' speaker in your house, or your cordless headphones. The F.M. radio is still present, in case you're bored about your playlist, and want to listen to something different.

A Fitness Pleaser
For those who loves either jogging or doing some fitness, the new Nano will serve them just right. Bigger screen means bigger area to see their stats. A pedometer and Nike+ sensor are built into the device to easily track how much steps you've taken for the day.

The New Nano is also using the new dock connector. Just like its bigger siblings, it also uses Lightning. I guess 30-pin connectors will be obsolete in a few years...

So, I guess that's all. I guess there's nothing new except for the earphones, connectors, bigger screen, and bluetooth. Nevertheless, this might be just the right iPod that intervenes between the entry-level Shuffle, and the high-end Touch.

I think I'll buy this one, but I need to see the demo for the product at the nearest retailer, though. I don't want to spend my hard-earned $149 for something I don't really need. Who's with me? :D

Okay, I guess that's all, Guys. This is the last line that Apple updated during yesterday's media event. Does any of them tempt you to buy it? Feel free to give your comments below. As always, thanks for visiting here and reading my posts :D


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