iPod Shuffle, More Colors

Sorry, You're Not Getting a New Design This Year...
So much disappointment for the entry-level iPod Shuffle. There doesn't seem to be any changes made, except for the colors. Now the colors are brighter, and fresher to the eyes: Ocean blue, Mint Green, Lime Green, Purple, Bright Red, Silver, and Black. I don't know about color names... If you're confused, the header image is your friend :p

No other significant changes are made, though. Still the same $49 price tag, same 2GB storage, and same earbuds. Nope, you're not getting those brand new 'EarPods'. Doesn't seem to be a great day for Shuffle fans... unless you're a collector ;)

If you're rocking an old shuffle, would you cash out your banknote and get a new color? I used to want to buy a Shuffle... but Nano's latest update changes my mind (although I like the pitch-black color). If you want to get an affordable iPod, or just don't know what to give for your friend's birthday, you really should get this one.

That's for the Shuffle, and again, thanks for reading :D. If you think that I misspell or miswrite something, feel free to give your comment below :p


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