The iPhone5, Now with A6 and 4" Screen


Today, marks the birth of a new, next-gen iPhone. I'm not that much into Apple's mobile ecosystem (especially iPhone), although it's always fascinating to observe the competition. Yes, I use some of their mobile products (like iPad) but some are just too expensive for me. Anyway, on the left, you'll see the press front shot of Apple's new handset.

From the front, there seems to be no changes at all... It only got a bit taller. Yep, the small Retina screen on the iPhone4(S) has been expanded to 4". I'm not bashing or anything... but IMHO, 4" is already 'too small'. Good thing that it's still thinner, though. Meaning that it can fit easily in your pocket :p

A6 Processor
Other than the same design on the front, we got quite a revamp in the inside, though. It's now running A6. The website doesn't say anything about the Quad-Core or Dual-Core chipset; it only says that performance and graphics are twice as fast compared to   the previous A5 chip.

Software-wise, it's now running the iOS6.  The interface doesn't change much (heck, I don't see any changes here... yet), although some nice features are added. For example, the Maps are now designed by Apple itself instead of using Google Maps, there's now Passbook for your ticketing and vouchering needs, SIRI just got 'new knowledge' about restaurants, movies, sports, etc. If you're eager to running Apple's latest mobile OS in your older device, I guess you'll have to wait. Apple is still shipping iOS6 GM to developers as I write and you read :D

Complete Image.
As for the back, though, it's now made of solid aluminum instead of glass panel like in previous-generation iPhone. I hope that this can solve the glass-cracking issue when you drop this thing (accidentally, of course...). It's said that it has improved antenna design, equipped with LTE (compatible with networks worldwide) aside from the usual GLONASS, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. No NFC, though, as Phil Schiller said that it wasn't certain about what NFC could be used for. It's also said that now, there are three microphones instead of two; the addition is on the rear of the handset. Perhaps it's used for improving SIRI's voice recognition, and noise-cancellation during calls, etc.


In the imaging department, things don't change so much. It's still rocking an 8MP sensor, with thinner image sensor, and lens made of sapphire crystal (holy crap, how much would that cost?) and there's your usual HD 1080p video recording, as well as the LED flash.

From the iPhone 4S, we can already conclude that iPhone's camera is no longer... old school just like 3GS. Now it's one of the best camera in the mobile industry.

Even better, iPhone5's camera adds a few more tweaks into the software. It's now 40% faster on taking shots, better performance for low-light shots, and better noise reduction on your still images; oh, and video stabilization is improved when recording your HD video. Even though it's still 8MP, it will stand strong against the competitors, trust me.

New Dock Connector.

I've just noticed something. The 3mm Headphone Jack is now located on the bottom of the phone (see the image on the right), as well as the new, thinner, and smaller connector. It's called lightning. No, it's not related to Thunderbolt at all...

Apple claims that this new dock design is the one that allows the new iPhone to be thinner, and at the same width as the 4S. The connector is connected to USB and it's reversible (how you put it doesn't matter, as long as it's plugged in).

Additionally, if you're going to buy this and worries that your accessories won't be compatible, don't worry. Just like the MagSafe, Apple will sell a separate adapter for the new Dock Connector.

Apple's New EarPod
Zoomed In.
Apple also redesigns their included earphone. It's now called EarPod and I must say, its shape is indeed... unique, and different. I guess that's one more point for Apple's signature. Its shape appears to be oval, and now there are two speakers on both sides (left and right), as well as the primary speaker. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the image on the left, the holes do seem like speakers to me...

It's claimed to improve overall audio experience, while adding more comfort ('Stays to the ear' jargon). Their last stock earphone sucks according to many claims I've heard. Let's see if they can fix that claim with this one :p

Oh, and these new earphones will be included to all of Apple's new iPod Lineup (except for Classic and Shuffle). Don't worry, if you want to try this one out, Apple is selling their new EarPods for $29.00 each.

Finally, if you currently live in the U.S., you can pre-order this baby on 14 September for the price of iPhone4S. That's $199 for the 16GB. As for the iPhone4S, its reduced to $99 and for the original 4, it's price is free (those prices are on contract). I guess, there's no more 3GS. Oh, and it's said you could get a discount, but that depends on what account you have with your provider.

So, are you going to buy one of these? I'll just pass. No, I don't hate it or anything... It's just too expensive for me. If you want to buy it, go ahead. It's a nice device; and perfect for your multimedia needs. If you live in Apple's ecosystem, upgrading your old iPhone might just be a reasonable upgrade.

Okay, that's all for the iPhone coverage, folks. Now if you excuse me, I need to work on the iPods. Thanks for coming in and reading, Guys! :D


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