iPod Touch, Best Upgrade of The Year

Now That's What I Call an Upgrade
Yesterday's Apple Media Event proved something for Apple. It's that it can launch more than a few products altogether... and they're all a pretty nice and acceptable updates (most of them, at least...). Well, in my opinion, the 'Best Upgrade' award would be rewarded to the iPod Touch. Why? It's more than just colors, I told you. Find out what's upgraded after the break ;)

A New, Gorgeous Screen
The display is now upgraded to match that of iPhone5. Yep, the Touch is now backed by a 4" Retina Display screen. That's brilliant... but the screen alone won't suffice to be awarded 'The Best Design' :p

Oh, by the way, I'd like to say that my criteria in the word 'Upgrade' is how much feature is added or upgraded from the previous generation. Now, now, iPhone5 is a nice upgrade, although when compared with the iPod Touch update, it's less wowing. It's in my opinion, though... I'm not forcing you to believe me, or anything, alright?

The internals are also upgraded. It's now using the A5 chip as used in the iPhone4S. It's a well welcome upgrade, as the previous generation iPod Touch (4th Gen) is getting old. Single core is just isn't enough for today's top-of-the-line iOS game.

The design is also an improvement. The thickness of the iPod Touch is now at an amazing 6mm. That's incredibly thin. My first impression while looking at my friend's 4th gen iTouch was "Holy Crap, this thing is ridiculously thin!" and now it's getting thinner. See the image on the right? The camera sensor is even sticking out of the case :p. Careful not to drop it on the lens, though... you might scratch it.

Aside from the thinness, it also comes with more colors, too (see Header Image). I think Apple is going to retake its teen marketshare. The iPad and iPhone are now more advertised as a 'Family Product' rather than a cool stuff for teens. With this color addition upgrades to all iPod lineup, Apple has just taken a step back to where it made its name big.

The Camera and The Loop Strap (See Below)

Oh, and as for the imaging department, everybody knows that the last gen iPod Touch's camera sucks (VGA oh VGA...), along with the iPad2. Now, there's nothing to be worried about. This new iPod Touch has been upgraded with 5MP iSight camera sensor and 720p front camera. I bet it's the same as the iPad3 or iPhone4 but heck. Added with the LED flash, Panorama Shot, and 1080p video recording, the iPod Touch will surely satisfy those instagrammers rocking a 4th gen iPod Touch.

Look Familiar?
And yes, finally! SIRI is coming to the iPod Touch with the iOS6 software (Not for you, 4th gen). No 3G, though... so before asking Apple's virtual assistant, you'll need to find a hotspot. That's not a hard thing nowadays, I guess. You can always walk to a restaurant and ask for a Wi-Fi password, right? ;) Apple's Maps are also included, although there's no GPS as rumored. You'll have to be satisfied with just the approximate location of your hotspot.

The Loop. A Strap.
One more thing for youngsters out there, Apple also updated the iPod Touch's case with a feature called 'The Loop'. It's basically a strap that can be attached to your iPod. With this, it's clear enough that Apple doesn't want you to drop their latest creation, and wants it to stay in your hand. The strap is free with your device, and comes with the same color as the device that you purchase.

Well, I guess that's that. There are a lot of updates and spec bumps... but I think that really makes the iPod Touch a true alternative for the iPhone. Now, now, before calling me an idiot, I'd like to say that if you need to make calls, get the iPhone. What I meant is that if you already have a phone, then you can get this as an alternative to the iPhone. Similar specs to 4S is still enough to play today's modern game, like Infinity Blade II.

What more can you ask for an update? Huge bump in camera, screen expansion, dual-core processor update, SIRI, a free strap  ;), incredibly thin design. This might be the best iPod Touch ever. Certainly Apple doesn't want to cannibalize its iPhone line although there's a clear distinction; that's why they made the iPod Touch one level below their flagship phone. It also comes with Apple's new EarPod included.

Best updates come with a price though... Starting on 14 September, you can pre-order your iPod Touch for $299 in the States. Just like the iPhone here, I guess Indonesians can wait until next year to get this in their hands (or as quickly as this year's end). As for the old iPod Touch (4th Gen), Apple is still selling them at $199.

Would you buy this? It's the best upgrade I've seen so far... but it's hurting my wallet. Better start saving if I want to get this :p. If you're rocking an older iPod Touch, you should upgrade if you want to play the latest games, want to use your iPod as a mobile camera, and want to have a little fun with SIRI. If not, then I guess you might as well wait for another refresh, while saving some bucks to upgrade or get an iPhone instead :D

Okay, that's all for the iPod Touch coverage, Guys. I hope this post can help you know about Apple's latest updates better. Thanks for visiting and reading :D


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