How to Restore A5 Device [Device]

Okay, as what some jailbreakers have known, restoring is one part that is completely inseparable with any iDevice. Of course, it's needed for downgrading as well, and return the purity of your gadget (in case you want your warranty back).

Prior to A5 release, jailbreakers have known to restore and downgrade using SHSH. You can save them by using small-but-useful tool like TinyUmbrella. However, with the A5 device, downgrading only using TinyUmbrella won't work. Fortunately, the ChronicDev Team has come up with new plan: by using redsn0w. I have only tested this on my iPad2 Wi-Fi only; should work with other iPads out there. However, the Dev Team warns to look more insights if you want to unlock your iPhone4S. So, how does this work? Find out after the break.

Oh, before that... here's the list of things that you need:

  1. SHSH blobs from your current device (use redsn0w or TinyUmbrella to do this).
  2. IPSW files from the firmware you want to restore to, and the latest version signed by Apple. You can get the IPSWs here.

The redsn0w interface
  1. Download redsn0w tool from here. As usual, extract the compressed folder in the easiest directory of your thought.
  2. Open the redsn0w.exe file 'As an Administrator'. From the two choices, click Extras. Afterwards, go to Even More. You'll be given the same window like the picture above. Choose Restore.
  3. Now, select the 'IPSW' button. Then browse the IPSW (iPhone/iPod/iPad SoftWare) that you want to restore. Please note that you'll also need the IPSW of the latest firmware to do this. Redsn0w will prompt you afterwards.
  4. When everything is done, look at the SHSH section. The best option would be 'local', except you've saved your SHSH in Cydia. If you choose local, you'll need your SHSH file (should be located in C:\Users\XXX\.shsh). Choose the appropriate SHSH file you'll want to restore to.
  5. Press 'Next', and wait. Then, you're ready to go :D
Disclaimer: I've written this guide based on what I've done. I've tested it and it worked for my iPad2 32GB Wi-Fi. Do this at your own risk. ;)


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