Dropbox and Cloud Computing

A Simple Diagram of Cloud Computing. Everything's Connected.
Okay, so I guess it's no wonder that we're currently living in the Digital Age, where (almost) everything is run or managed using/by computers. We got e-papers, e-mails, e-form, etc.

In the midst of this beneficial technological advancement, one invention has the potential to forever change our way of handling our data, and working in a large team conveniently. That invention is called Cloud Computing.

So, what's a Cloud Computing? Find out after the break.

Just like the diagram in the above image, cloud computing is actually a concept of everywhere computing. What does that mean? Well, to be put it simply, everything's connected. For example, you have just sent your important report to your boss from your laptop. Unfortunately, when you're in a supermarket, your boss called and wanted you to fix the error he's just found. You don't have your laptop with you. If you were in the old days, you're screwed... and might leave your boss disappointed. However, not this time... when cloud computing begins to get famous.

Some renowned Cloud Service Provider
If you happen to have a smartphone, or a tablet (can be an iPad, a Galaxy Tab, etc.) you can directly download your file from any cloud service and edit them right away; even if you don't have your laptop with you. That's what cloud is all about: simplicity and flexibility. Everything's connected with server, and you, the owner, can access it wherever, and whenever. Cloud computing isn't just used for editing docs; its development is so advanced that it can keep your settings, or what's mouthwatering: playing game remotely. Yes, NVidia's new Gaming Grid technology lets you play all the latest and coolest game whenever, wherever, on any rig. You don't have to crave for high specs anymore, just crave for a strong data connection :p

If you want to try out cloud computing right away, you can use 'Dropbox', a popular, simple cloud-storage for beginners. By registering here, you'll get a secure 2.5GB of free space (and lots of options to expand it), and also the ability to access your files from virtually any device (Android, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Linux, Mac, and of course, Windows), and a thank-you from me (I'll get 500MB additional space for each one registering there. You can do the same, too!). Try it out, you won't regret it, I promise ;)

However, I won't just stay on one side in this post. Cloud computing's most fatal weakness nowadays is that it requires to be connected to the Internet. Scientists haven't found the way to wirelessly share your file without internet... so to use those unbelievable features, you need to be in an area where data service is served.

Privacy is also of concern here. By storing your files in the cloud, it means that you deliberately 'trust' the providers with your files. Most people don't use cloud because they're afraid that the providers would misuse their files, or sell them to other unreliable third party (advertisement companies, maybe?). We don't want such a thing to happen. Therefore, I strongly urge you to read the License Agreement and understand it before registering to any cloud providers. Including DropBox.


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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this info. I got my box.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for registering.

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