Transition from Windows to Mac

I think this year, I'm going to ditch Microsoft... and let myself succumb into the cult of Apple, and try out their so-called revolutionary product, the high-end MacBook Pro, which is speculated to be released in the upcoming months. I made such a decision based on a very, very hard and logical thought. Find out the reasons after the break ;)

First Reason: Microsoft's Baaaa~d Decision
Okay, so this news might have been around for a while: Microsoft to cut Windows 8 Media Center. When I read it... God, I was so shocked. It's been rumored that Windows 8 will only come in three flavors (instead of 5 as for Windows7): Home, Pro, and Tablet. They decided to end Media Center in the Home edition for some reason (some speculates that it's due to Microsoft paying licenses to codec developers). If you want to get it back, you'll have to dig into your wallet more.

Second Reason: Windows 8 Interface
No, it's beautiful, really... If applied in the right hardware
No, don't get it wrong yet, people. I like Windows 8's GUI and the Metro UI. It's beautiful, I agree. However, the Metro UI doesn't feel right when you use a traditional non-touchscreen input device (say, Mice, keyboards, trackpads, etc). I hope Microsoft would somehow do something to maximize the navigation of Metro in older devices...

It's not ugly; it's beautiful, and minimalist... but only if you get it in tablets.

Third Reason: Build Quality
It's durable enough to survive a few good drops
Mac computers are known for their solid build quality. Not many OEMs actually use aluminium in their notebook casing (even some high-end notebooks don't use it). I have a friend who use a 2009 aluminium MacBook Pro. She said that she dropped it once (that heart attack, I know...) and the casing doesn't even break, only scratched. More importantly, it still functions perfectly. Unfortunately, you won't have the same case with plastic casings. It's not the matter of software... It's hardware; your investments.

Fourth Reason: Battery Life
This, actually, is my biggest argument in why I should get a Mac. A standard Windows computer can only survive around 2-3 hours per charge (Balanced power plan, I suppose), but a Mac is said to survive at about 7 hours of web browsing and doing everyday tasks (let's phase out gaming, shall we? Either platforms won't survive that long if you use it for an all-day gaming). I'm going to college and ready to go to campus at all times. I don't want to run of of power in the middle of my lecture...

Okay, so that's the reason why I opt for a Mac. Of course, it's not a fair argument if I just think about the pros. Here are the cons for the idea:

First Con: Price
"Ouch!" that's what my parents said after I showed them the MacBook Pro at an authorized reseller here in Indonesia. Yeah, Apple products are known for their expensive-and-exclusiveness. Just a quarter-bitten Apple logo on the back could raise the price tag much higher. That's the first con... I hope my parents would agree to pay U$1,599 (equal to 16 million Rupiah) for that slab of aluminium.

Second Con: Security
I suppose the cartoon ahead is no longer relevant?
The MacOSX has been long-known for their security. No need for antivirus, they say. However, such a statement is no longer relevant to today's computing. Recently, there's a Flashback Trojan outbreak infecting almost 100,000 Macs around the world. There are some AV company giving out free removal tool... however Apple released the patch weeks later. I don't mind using AV, but AV solutions for Mac is kind of... awkward, maybe? After all, it's Windows which has been known for virus. No offense, Microsoft... but it's the fact.

Third Con: Compatibility Issues
Which one do you see more often?
Okay, let's face it. Windows is the no.1 platform in the world, based on the number of users. Sure Mac users are growing in numbers, but most developers and software creators will prioritize Windows for their market. Most of games and some applications won't work on Mac... and may never be. I'm going to college  in a few months, and I took Business Information System major and I'm going to need Windows. Thank god for virtual machines and boot camp.

Okay, I guess that's all the consideration I've had, and we have a winner: Mac. Well, I kind of want to experience a new OS, but heck... I'm not leaving Windows, so it's like having the best of both worlds. I'm not going to buy it soon, though, knowing that a MacBook Pro refresh is imminent in WWDC. It's always interesting to see what Apple would announce in their events.

As always, this post is not intended to start a flame war between Windows and Mac users. Let's face it, there's no such thing as a perfect platform. People are welcome to give out their opinion and try what they like, right? If you don't agree with anything above, let's talk about it nice and easy, okay?


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