One Year after Steve Jobs Passed Away

My, my... Look how fast time flies out... Today turns out to be the day Steve Jobs passed away last year. He was a true visionary, revolutionary innovator. Indeed some of his moves were bold and could piss many people off, but he's still one of the greatest man mankind has ever known. Without him, Apple wouldn't have existed (he wouldn't have founded it, let alone saving it from bankruptcy in the last decade)

Steve Jobs was obviously the man behind Apple, which is widely known as his biggest legacy to the world of man. Looking deeper, he was also the one who envisioned the iPod (the smallest, most portable media player of its time), the iPhone (first phone with capacitive multitouch screen, and perhaps the pioneer for modern smartphone competition), the iPad (a tablet that gained much more popularity than its rival and predecessor, Tablet PC), and the Mac (a computer with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind signature design) along with many others. Yes, some of us might not be comfortable with the price his company offers for their products, but we can't deny the fact that indeed their products already have their own place in our hearts, and can easily be differentiated with any other similar products in the market.

While I myself am not a die-hard Apple fan (or fanboy, you might prefer), I still respect Steve Jobs for what he does for the world. Without him, we may never be able to discover the iPod or any other small and thin devices. He may incite anger and annoyance among many rivals, customers, and manufacturers alike, but he's the one that keeps the race for better competition and technology going.

Oh, and if you'd like to see a memoriam video committed to him, you can head to Apple's website and watch it. It's a pretty nice video, and for me it's a worth watching one.

May his soul and legacy forever be remembered by humanity.
FEBRUARY 24, 1955 - OCTOBER 5, 2011


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