iPad. Redubbed.

Stunning. Problem?
Yesterday, marks the discontinuation for the New iPad (Long-Live iPad2! :D), for it's been updated with minor-but-essential refresh, and redubbed to "iPad with Retina Display". God, in just 6 months, a device is already outdated. I think this is the shortest lifecycle ever been brought to a mobile device... and I can feel how pissed the previous generation owner are to hear this news. So, what are the updates? Let's find out.

Better Processor

Brand New A6X
The iPad Mini now includes the updated Apple A6X chip, most likely an improvement from A6, the chip that powers the iPhone5. Apple claims that this chip has quad-core graphics processor, and its performance is as twice as the previous A5X that powers the "New iPad". Now this is what I called "minor-but-essential" upgrade that I wrote earlier. Those heavy games won't be so heavy now on this 4th-Gen iPad.

Lightning Connector

The 4th Gen iPad is also equipped with the new Lightning Connector. Man, Apple is so fast adopting its redesigned proprietary connector. Good news is, it shouldn't take long for accessory manufacturers to push out new toys with this connector. As for the bad news, the 30-pin connector days are numbered... I don't think there's the converter for converting Lightning plugs to 30-pin plugs... Is there?

Better LTE Support

The New iPad only supports the LTE in a few regions (this is revealed when Apple faced a lawsuit in Australia, for claiming their iPad is LTE-enabled. That's why Apple switched from "LTE" to "Cellular", to avoid the same lawsuit), but not anymore. The 4th Gen iPad is claimed to support LTE internationally, just like its smartphone sibling, the iPhone5.

Okay, although there's no real reason to upgrade, it still feels disappointing that Apple already phased out the 3rd Gen iPad, no? After all, it's just been six months... The A6X chip seems to be alluring enough, though. If I were the owners of the 3rd Gen iPad, I would read the reviews if Apple has solved the thermal management issue found in New iPad. If they do find a workaround, then I guess I'll be trading up my iPad3 for this new iPad. I hate overheating mobile devices... They scare the hell out of me.

Finally, this is it, Folks. Thanks for reading, and visiting my blog :D. I'm not an Apple fanboy, but I do think that what Apple does is interesting in the competition, so that's why I write about this. See you in the next post! :)


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