iPad Mini, Oversized iPod Touch?

Err... Alright...

Well, Apple has finally surrendered Steve Jobs' ideal for not selling 7" tablet, since he said that it was too small for tablets, and too big for smartphones. Yesterday, the not-so-secret iPad Mini for the first time has seen the light of the world. I don't know about you guys, but sounds and seems like an oversized iPod Touch to me...

It has a 7.9" IPS LCD screen with 1024x768 resolution, which will give it the pixel density of 163ppi.  The same resolution as the full-screen iPad allows it to run iPad apps in full compatibility, without having the developers to update their apps.

As for the shooter, the iPad Mini adopts the same shooter as its bigger brother: 5MP iSight Camera with tons of iOS6 features such as Panorama, 1080p recording, f/2.4 aperture, and 5-lens element. As for the FaceTime camera, it's been updated to take 1.2MP stills and record 720p videos. It's been renamed to FaceTime HD, though :p

Next, the insides. The iPad Mini is powered by Apple's A5 chip. It's the same chip that powers the iPad2, as well as the new iPod Touch and iPhone4S. It's somehow unfortunate that Apple didn't include the A6... but I guess that's to reduce the price point for this item. Battery-wise, it's not Apple if it gives out the capacity of battery in numbers. Once again, they claimed that the battery will last for 10-hours and 9 hours if used for surfing the web with cellular data (LTE). Again, GPS/GLONASS is only included with the Cellular model, while the iPad Mini retains all the existing sensors (Gyroscope, Light Sensor, and Accelerometer). Software-wise, it's powered by Apple's latest iOS6, obviously... Oh, wait... It has SIRI, too.

Lastly, the outside. The iPad Mini now uses the Apple's proprietary Lightning connector, and there's the speaker grill and microphone on the surface, along with the iconic home button, headphone jack, and volume control. It looks like a downsized iPad / upsized iPod Touch from the outside, honestly...

Now, for the price, which we all be waiting for. Here it is:
  1. 16GB Wi-Fi U$329
  2. 32GB Wi-Fi U$429
  3. 64GB Wi-Fi U$529
  4. 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular U$459
  5. 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular U$559
  6. 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular U$659
Well, for me, I think this is a confusing move from Apple. Yes, the 7.9" feels pretty big, and might give the same feel for the iPad, but it feels kind of like an oversized iPod Touch. As for you who are trying to get the new iPod Touch (including me), I think our faith is being tested. Would we kindly get the smaller, colorful sibling... or will we get this?

Anyway, which choice you'll be making has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while the new iPod Touch does feel exciting and small enough to be your PMP, it doesn't have the ambient light sensor. And, while the iPad Mini has everything the full-size iPad has, it's too big to accompany you in a gym or your morning jog, right? The choice depends on what purpose you have for the device.

That's all, I think, Folks. Thanks for visiting and reading my humble blog :D


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