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Until a couple of months ago, I've been having two smartphones with me. That's because I still believed that one phone will never be able to have two WhatsApps. If it was, it would take a toll on the battery.

However, I then felt burdened. Not only because I had to maintain both of them, but also because one felt neglected. So, I decided to give MIUI's Dual Apps a shot (I've been a loyal Xiaomi fan)... And it works like a charm.

Okay. One device was sold. Then, I needed to switch phone because mine was actually my father's. Okay, I decided to move to Zenfone, simply because I wanted to try something different. Then, I missed MIUI's Dual Apps. The ZenUI 3 at the time didn't support twin apps yet.

So, I went ahead and tried Parallel Space. It kept coming up in search results, not sure if it was good marketing or the app was really good. And you know what, I've been happy. I even bought the Pro version.

Parallel Space page in Google Play Store.
Then, Zenfone 3 Oreo update came. It supported Twin Apps and it worked, although there were bugs. So, I put Parallel Space aside.

Then, I upgraded to Zenfone Zoom S because the original Zenfone 3 was needed by my sister. It supported Twin Apps, but there was this critical bug that prevented me from connecting to my Google account, so I used Parallel Space once again.

Then, I decided to make this review. I know some people will find this little app useful... Because I do.

Parallel Space Can Clone Not Only WhatsApp

Though I only used it for WhatsApp, it's assuring to know that it can also clone other apps. When you decide to "install" an app in your Parallel Space, it will offer you a list of installed apps that it can clone.

You can clone not only WhatsApp.
Parallel Space will also automatically install an app's dependency(s), if they are installed already. For example, when I added Flipboard, Parallel Space automatically added Facebook and Twitter. This is probably to enable Flipboard's integration with those two apps.

You Can Secure Your Parallel Space

Most Android phones from Chinese vendors usually have the AppLock feature, which requires your PIN or fingerprint when opening an app. Parallel Space supports that, too.

You can secure your Parallel Space with Pattern.
Parallel Space Has Built-In Browser

Not sure why, but Parallel Space has its own built-in browser. This browser, although named Private Browser, still records your history. You still have an option to remove browsing data on exit, though.

For whatever reason, Parallel Space has a browser.
Parallel Space is Like Having A Second Phone

Judging by its behavior, Parallel Space clones the bare necessities of an Android phone, such as Google Play Services. This is needed so that the apps inside can interact with your Google account, like WhatsApp and its backup/restore functionality.

Not only that, you can also install apps only in that space, dubbed Incognito Installation. Once you select an app, it will redirect you to the Play Store to install the app. Then, to make it 'Incognito', Parallel Space will recommend you to delete the app on your original space.

Incognito mode lets you leave apps only in Parallel Space.
In case you're curious, Parallel Space has its own Task Manager, which shows you how much memory it's using. Correct, the more apps you install in it, the more memory it uses. Just your everyday laws of physics.

Parallel Space's internal task manager.
Parallel Space Auto Updates Apps

Here's a fun fact that I recently discovered. I curiously compared the versions between two WhatsApps in my phone, and they're the same. The original app was updated two days before. There are two possibilities: Parallel Space independently auto-updates the app, or once it detects a version difference, it will update.

Parallel Space is Ad-Supported

Like all freemium apps, Parallel Space is ad-supported. I personally don't think the ads are annoying, but if you're planning to use it for a long time, then shelling out ~IDR67,000 is no big deal, compared to what you get.

Beware of Battery Saving Apps

Some Chinese-based smartphones have built-in task killer apps. Make sure to whitelist your cloned apps (or even Parallel Space itself) or they will automatically close, preventing them from updating and notifying you from the background.


Before knowing Parallel Space, a feature to have dual apps is a must for me, limiting my choice of smartphone brands. I had to do an extensive research first before deciding to buy. With Parallel Space, the limit is no more. I can just buy the phone I want. If it doesn't support dual apps or is buggy (like the one in my Zoom S), I can just install Parallel Space and be done with it.

Though I've only been using it for WhatsApp, I already feel that Parallel Space is very useful.
So, I guess that's all, Folks. If you're like me, who's tired of handling two devices at the same time, I hope you'll find Parallel Space useful. As usual, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Finally, thanks for reading and have a nice day. See you in the next article! :D


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