2017: A Short New Year Greeting

Well, I might turn this into a tradition :p
Alright, guys... I'll be honest. When I said that more articles were coming, I certainly didn't mean another ceremonial post like this. I was writing an article about password managers when... I got sick. So yeah, I had no choice but to postpone the promised article but instead, I got this: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

Yeah, I promise that a new "real" article (not ceremonial ones like this) will come a few days after January 1. But for now, let me apologize and wish you guys all the best for 2017. 2016 was a year full of challenges and surprises (whether pleasant or not...) but hey, life goes on, right? Regardless of the challenges that we may face in the months ahead, we need to stand up and say "You're no better than me!" and punch those challenges right in the face. Well, okay... not literally, but you got the message, right?

Ah, okay... Maybe I still am not feeling well. Anyway, happy new year 2017 and stay tuned! Have a great holiday-slash-weekend, everyone!

...And stay tuned. :D


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