Decision to Revert and Return

Okay, referring to my previous decision here to move to a “better place” aka self-hosted WordPress site, I have come across a problem of having difficulties to set things up. I’m going to write about it later. However for now, I would like to announce to resurrect this old blog (though I never said I would kill this blog… Thank God for that.)
While I know it’s quite bad for people to revert back decisions, that’s what I had to do. Why, because I’ve already gained quite a traction here. I’ve already had quite a lot of page views, and I already had an AdSense account set up for this site, and it’s not that easy to get an approval on another site, especially the one which was just set up with less than 10 articles. I realized this when I tried to upgrade my AdSense account, and Google said it rejected my request because one part of my site was down during review (and I can’t blame the web host explicitly, either. Since I’m pretty sure they would say that their server was fine). Anyway, I want you guys to know that this site is still alive and I’ll be writing another article soon. Another thing was migrating content and importing images. Oh, let me tell you how I love how Google integrates its service, even though people said that meant you submitting your privacy to Google, which I think is kind of ridiculous. Anyway, enough about that. I’m not going to criticize people here. I’m just telling you guys I’m back.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and as usual, I’m looking forward to your next visit. Oh, how I love to write that. Anyway, see you guys again soon!


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