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Well, it's been another while since I last updated my blog. Again, I've been busy with college work, mainly internship. In this new year holiday, I need to work as an intern in a company. It's mandatory for my major in order to be able to graduate... after you've finished your thesis, of course. Anyway, I recently stumbled into something interesting. It's not that new, but it's worth knowing, especially if you're a user of What's App, and sometimes find yourself too busy to just take a look at your phone, let alone reply your messages.

Yep, you got that right. What's App recently outed the web client for their popular cross-platform messenger. Although I've been happily using it for two days now, there are a few limitations I've discovered so far:

  1. It only works in Google Chrome... for now.
    • Although this may not sound like trouble, some people don't like Google's browser. For example, I may use Google Chrome on Windows, but I prefer Safari on Mac. Adding a new browser to my system for just an application doesn't sound that exciting to me.
    • Here's what you get when you're not using Google Chrome.
    • The developer says that the web client will be coming to other browsers soon. Let's just cross our fingers and hope that it's true. Sticking to one basket forever is never a good idea, isn't it?

  2. iOS users are left out
    • Unfortunately, this is true. The developer says that this is caused by the locked nature of the platform. Although I'm a computer science student, I don't quite get what they mean because I've never developed an iOS app before. They're not saying if they're working on a fix, and I doubt that it will ever come until Apple decide to open up their platform more.

  3. Your computer needs to be online, too
    • What's strange is that your phone also needs to connect to the Internet as well. If your phone is not online, then your messages won't be delivered to your PC as well. This, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of a web client. It's better to call this 'extension' rather than client because of this limitation.
Here's what happens if your phone is offline

Okay, now that you've known the limitations, you ought to be able to decide whether you want to give it a shot or not. If you do, then I'm going to lead you step by step in trying out this new stuff.

Update Your Application

This feature is only enabled in the latest version of the application of your platform (except iOS). If there isn't any option to open What's App on the web, then probably your version is outdated. Besides, there's no harm in regularly updating your app, is there?

Open web.whatsapp.com

The first thing to do is to use your Chrome to access web.whatsapp.com. The index page will feature a barcode in which you'll need to scan in order to connect your phone with your browser. The bottom half part of the page shows you how to open the built-in barcode scanner. The instruction is already clear as day and covers every platform (except iOS). Again, if you don't see the option in the instruction, then your app might be outdated. Immediately check for update and try again.

A rather simple but powerful first page design

Scan the Barcode and Start Messaging!

Once you scan the barcode, give some time for the app to connect, and then you're ready to go. In a moment, the web client will load your contact and chats. Depending on your connection, this may take a few minutes.

You're all set. Happy messaging!
A word of advice, though, never forget to log out if you're using the client on a public computer. Otherwise, people might see what you're typing and your contacts. You can log out using the three-dot menu button next to your profile picture. Oh, and one more thing. You can only log into one computer at a time, so forget about being logged in in more than one computer. Additionally, your browser activity is recorded in your mobile application. If you're inactive for a certain amount of time, you'll be prompted to rescan the barcode again.

Okay, I guess that's all, Folks. I hope you'll find it useful. It isn't that difficult, is it? As usual, if you have some questions, feel free to ask away in the comments. Finally, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your next visit. Thanks and have a great day, Folks! :D


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