Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Review

Well, hello again. I'm sure that everyone's fine. Currently, I'm in the middle of a vacation to Malaysia. Yes, after weeks of hard work and pulling all-nighters, I could finally enjoy some serenity and peace. And, yeah, I managed to get myself a great piece of tech... although at first I doubted that I needed it.

Item's Press Render
Behold, Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This baby is probably one of the best product hybrids, combining Apple's Smart Cover and a comfortable tactile keyboard. Logitech is one of veterans in the industry, so it doesn't need any questions when it comes to product comfort and durability. Best of all, to commemorate me getting this baby, I'm writing this whole review with the keyboard, though it's not written entirely on the iPad, since somehow Blogger in my iPad refuses to process images. However despite that, now there's really no reason not being productive while abroad, isn't there? Hit the break, and you can read the rest of this post.

What I'm reviewing is the version intended for iPad2 until iPad with Retina Display (one generation before iPad Air). Logitech is also offering this product for iPad Air and iPad Mini. I'm pretty sure that they're all the same, with the difference of size so, you shouldn't worry.


Quite an Eye-Catching and Logitech-ish Packaging
The packaging itself is pretty solid and minimalist. It's thin and well, quite good to look at. Opening the package, you'll see the standard stuffs like USB Cable for recharging, Quick Start Guide, Logitech Contact Information, Cleaning Cloth, and of course, the keyboard itself. What's interesting here is they include a cleaning cloth. Though I don't think it's very useful, it's a welcome addition.

Inside the Package
To get the cleaning cloth and USB cable, you'll have to tear the packaging a little bit since it's in a part that's glued onto the carton. Additionally, it's quite important to note that the USB cable is awfully short, so I think you'll only be able to charge and use it if you have a wall jack on your desk. Aside from that, it's a solid package.

The Device

Pulling the keyboard out of the plastic wrapper, you'll notice that the keyboard is incredibly thin. Well, I can't say if it's the thinnest keyboard you can get, but I know that it's thin. The picture below compares the keyboard with the iPad2. If it's not thinner, then it's as thin as the iPad. Logitech is offering two colors: black and white. Instead of choosing the the same color as my iPad, I chose the opposing color.

Aside from Being A Cover, This Keyboard Could Also Be Used As A Dock
So, there you go. With this keyboard cover, your iPad becomes a mini and limited laptop. Nope, it can't multitask, but at least you can type your documents with various word processors available on the platform.

Portrait mode is also available

Using the Item in Everyday Life

Despite having a far-fetched concept, this thing is actually practical. It's connected to your device via Bluetooth, and pairing is super easy. All you have to do is push the switch to green (see picture below), then go to Bluetooth Settings in your iPad; the Wireless Keyboard should be there. To connect, you only need to type the number on your keyboard and press enter. Later on, the keyboard will automatically reconnect with your iPad. In case you want to pair with another device, disconnect the device first, then hold the small button with Bluetooth symbol to put the keyboard to Discovery Mode. Only in Discovery Mode you can connect another peripheral to the device.

The Keyboard's Simple Controls
The keyboard also functions as a stand. You just need to put your iPad into the opening right above the keys and let the magnet takes care of the rest. Once you hear a "click", let the iPad go slowly. Please note that this opening will only fit iPad2 and later before iPad Air. Though the keyboard successfully pairs with other tablets, the stand won't accept them.

Next, the keys. Though the keys are flat, it's actually pretty comfortable to type on, even with bigger fingers like mine. The keys are springy and provide solid tactile feedback. One thing I don't like from this keyboard is that the delete key is so small that I often press the wrong key. One plus point is that there are function keys you can use to search, cut, etc. The Esc key now works as Home Button, so you can nicely return to your homescreen with just one key press. Additionally, some Mac combo buttons such as Cmd+C and Cmd+V also work nicely for Copy and Paste.

One more thing, though. Although the keys are springy and comfortable for typing, some people may find it uncomfortable for prolonged typing. This may be caused by the keyboard's compressed design, which forces you to type in a way you're not used to. However, I decide to overlook it for the verdict, since I assume that if you do have an important work to do during vacation, you'll bring your laptop.

Close the cover and you'll get yourself a laptop
Ditto. From The Front
After the keys, now it's time to look at the other side of the keyboard: the cover. If you're expecting a cover that protects both sides (back and front), I'm sorry but you're going to be disappointed. This cover only protects the front side of your iPad, so you're going to need to purchase a separate back cover. Unfortunately, if you do, you'll need to remove the back cover before docking it onto the keyboard, since the dock opening is PRECISELY DESIGNED for the iPad WITHOUT COVER. If you manage to find a cover thin enough to fit the opening, then I congratulate you. Anyway, you might want to purchase a pouch when using this cover, since both aluminium sides are vulnerable to scratches and dirt. Or, if you find buying two accessories is too bothersome, you might want to consider the Folio Keyboard Case by the same company. Depending on the model, it may be more expensive.

Being a cover, of course there must be some way for the keyboard to attach itself to your iPad. Well, guess what, this keyboard uses the same magnetic latch as Apple's Smart Cover. First introduced on iPad2, the magnet on the left side of your iPad is strong enough to hold the keyboard onto your screen. Just try not to leave one side hanging, since the magnet isn't designed for that. However, interestingly, the magnet on the dock opening is so strong that when you're only holding the iPad, the keyboard won't come off. Well, fortunately in my case it didn't, but I still don't recommend doing it.

Merely a test of strength. Don't do it often.
Last, but not least, is the battery life. Logitech claims that the keyboard can last up to six months without charging for 2 hours of usage everyday, which means that you may not have to bring your charger for vacation. Even if you do need to recharge, you can use your standard micro USB charger for your phone, which I'm certain you're going to bring.


Okay, I guess that's all I can explain about the device. Let's move on to the verdict:


  1. Comfortable keys and ultra thin design
  2. Strong magnetic dock latch
  3. Superior battery life


  1. Pricey
  2. Only protects your iPad's screen

Should You Buy It?

Well, that depends on what you're going to do with it. If you are a businessman or a writer that needs to stay productive whenever and wherever you are, you should buy it. If you have more money and a newer iPad (like iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina), you might want take a look at Logitech's Keyboard Folio offering first, for it protects both the screen and the back of your precious iPad.


Though limited, it's hard not to admit that iPad is one of the most popular tablets out there. It comes with serious apps that will surely boost your productivity on the go, and this keyboard complements it. Yes, it may not be designed to write one complete report or proposal, but it will certainly help if you need some light to medium editing on the go. After all, who stands typing extensively using the iPad's on-screen keyboard?

Okay, I guess that's all, Folks. I'm sorry if this review is kind of messed up since I'm currently on vacation. But as usual, if you have any critics, suggestions, or questions, you're welcome to fill in the comments section. In the end, have a nice holiday and I'm really looking forward to see you again. Cheers! :)


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