My Opinion of Service Learning

First of all, I don't know if the title is appropriate enough, since the assignment module here tells me to write about what I think of my Service Learning group. Anyway, before we move on to the content, I'll explain what Service Learning is first. Service Learning is actually a form of community service, where we, participants of Interpersonal Communication lecture, go out and teach lower-to-middle-class schools about IT (Information Technology). Each class goes to a different school, and each is class is divided into several groups. Finally, each group is given different materials and classes to teach. In my case, my group was told to teach a class of ninth graders about networking. And I think we made it through.

Enough with the introduction. Hit the break to see what I think about my group's service learning.

Overall, I really think that our group did it right. Our goal was to make sure the students pay attention to us as we taught them. We made them do the evaluation problems we had prepared for them after a chapter had been finished. Afterwards, we asked them to answer each of the problems out loud. Those who answered correctly would be given a reward. Additionally, we slipped in some questions as we explained the materials. Despite our effort, there were still a few students who didn't pay attention to us.

My group was very nice and fun. When we were discussing about things, we could easily achieve a solution. There were problems, yeah... but we could overcome it quite easily. The only problem we couldn't solve was punctuality--but never mind that. We were late a few times but that didn't ruin our service learning. Whenever we're on trip to the school, the trip is always loaded with fun talks, jokes, and discussions. Bottom line is, I'm very proud and satisfied with my group.

As what I'm going to do with my Informatics skills to serve the society, I think I'm going to help whoever needs help with their computing problems. In fact, I've already done it quite often, especially to my relatives. Whenever they have questions about their computer or gadgets, I ask them to come to my house and I'll help them out. Alternatively, if I happen to be at their house, I'll help them immediately. It may be on a small scale, but my plan is to expand that little scale.

So, I guess everything's covered. I'm sorry, but I'm really running out of ideas today. I have a teeth infection and one of my cheeks is swollen quite badly. Two days ago I couldn't even wake up because of high fever, and I'm still recovering as I'm writing. I really need to get some more rest...

See you guys soon and thanks for reading :)


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