Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas. Image is copyright of its lawful owner.
Alright, it's that time of the year again: Christmas and Happy New Year. Funny that our world should've ended last year. No offense intended, though...

I got quite many presents this year. I don't think I've been a good kid this year, but I'm really grateful for the presents. In fact, I'm so grateful that I'm willing to post a review on one of them. It's between expensive and inexpensive, but it's really useful nonetheless. So, why pick the term 'Blue Christmas'?

It's quite simple really. The main reason is that the country where I reside, Indonesia, is a tropical country. It has no snow, so there's no way I can say 'Merry White Christmas', ever. In fact, it's rainy season in this time of year. Water is usually linked with the color blue, if not transparent. The term 'Transparent Christmas' sounds a little bit off... so I'll go with the Blue.

Additionally, it's not just Christmas. It's also the end of the semester in my college as well. I'm quite grateful that my university finishes its final exam in mid-December. Some of my guys had their finals right after Christmas, or even during New Year's Day. It sucks, yes... especially when you have loads of materials to memorize and projects to finish. But don't worry, I'm sure that it'll be done. When I did my final project, I kept thinking that the time wasn't enough but in the end, I finally made it through, thank God.

Anyway, I didn't do quite well this semester. There's this subject that I really, really like and in fact, have high hopes on it. Unfortunately, like many people say: the higher you are, the more pain you'll risk. I was very confident on my practical final test; I even passionately tested every program so that it matched the instructions. But in the end, I only got a-little-more than half than I expected. Until now, I still have many questions about the result, but what the heck. My philosophy to take college is not to go after GPA (although I admit I require it to pass), but to gain as many knowledge as possible. Call me a dreamer, but really, that's my philosophy in college. Additionally, in the same subject, I have a feeling that the lecturer doesn't like me. I don't know why, it's just a hunch. I did have an argument with her once, but I'm certain that I didn't say anything offensive...

Well, so that's the other side of the blue. I'm becoming quite worried about how I did this semester. I just hope that everything's going to be fine. Optimism is the key... and besides, this year, I got more good than bad, so yeah. I'm ready to close this year with joy.

Sorry for making you read my complaints, but I just got to let off some steam. I pray that next year is going to be better than this year. Though I know this is kind of late, I'll just say it anyway. Merry Christmas, everyone! :D


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