Reflective Journal Cpt.2

Just like the previous post, this is yet another assignment from Interpersonal Communication subject. This post virtually describes myself, especially my communication skills and how social I am. I'm going to divide this post into several headings, or questions that I'm supposed to answer.

Alright, here we go. If you want to find out more, feel free to go past the break ;)

What Am I? What Do Others  and My Family Think of Me? How Can I Fix Gaps Should There Were One?

Well, that's a lot of question to cover. But I think I'll cover them all in these few paragraphs. Anyway, if I'm asked what I think of myself, I'd say that I'm just an ordinary person who likes anything fun, and strive for a peaceful and successful life. As for others, I don't really know. Many say that I'm a nice guy, humorous person, or even insane. But somehow I have a feeling that there people out there that don't like me for some reason. That's normal, I guess. As for my family, well... I can say that they most probably think that I'm a helpful person, though I tend to procrastinate and sometimes annoying :p

A Good Analogy, But Not That Extreme...
Next part of the question asks me if there were gaps in communication. Well, the answer is obvious: there are. When we meet someone new, of course there are gaps. Even when we've already known each other for quite a while, some gaps still exist. We have two choices when this occurs: try to live with it whilst patching it, or run away. For me, I'll try fixing it first. How? By finding out about the person further, and that way, we may identify his/her likes and dislikes. Not physical likes/dislikes like food, toys, etc. but likes and dislikes for communication. It's not easy; yes, I know. However, once you've identified them, it'll close more gaps between you two.

3 Most Important Points that I Learned When Identifying, Learning, and Developing My Communication Skills

The question was way longer, so I had to squeeze it into a single sentence. Anyway, ever since I've drawn my first breath in this world, I've learned so much about communicating with other people. People come and go throughout our lives, and it also changes our skill overtime. Whether it's getting better or worse is how we go through these years of living.

The first and the most important point in my opinion, is how I am aware of myself, to know myself; self-awareness might be the best phrase for this. That way, I can exercise some control while communicating with other people. To understand yourself, it's important that you learn from your experiences. Not all experiences are pleasant to remember, but usually the unpleasant ones are the most useful of all. That doesn't mean that you should dwell on your past, though...

The second point is when I work in group at school. Since primary school, there are tasks that must be done in a group, and that's mostly random. Random here means that there's a good chance that your group consists of people you seldom associate yourself with. With that, comes a great challenge / opportunity, to blend with the group. It's not easy at first, trust me, I know. However, if you manage to get through it, you'll make some new friends, as well as some boost in your communication skill. Groups aren't only in education, but also in professional environment, so it's a good thing to familiarize yourself working with a group.

Finally, the third point I've learned is to always maintain values when communicating with people. I've always been taught ever since I was a boy, that I must always treat people with respect, initially. Whether they deserve it or not comes later, but give them respect when you first talk to them. This somehow can smoothen your future communication with your opponent. If you don't treat people with respect, then they won't. The golden rule here is actually don't treat people the way you don't want to be treated.

I've come across those three points in my life, and that shape me how I am. Of course, there are other points, but if I must list only three, then those three above are on my top 3 list. Whether you agree or not, I'm dead certain that you've come across all three. If you haven't, then you will in the future.

At Least One Attitude of Value and Interpersonal Skill You Decided to Continue, Change, or Stop Doing

Okay, that's a pretty confusing... but if there's any value that I've decided to stop, then it's about art. No, that certainly doesn't mean that I despise art. In fact, I love it very much. It's just that I'm too busy right now to do something related to art. I like games, animes, and they're all pretty much related to art, right? But I'm planning to redo everything, though... once everything settles down. 

There's also another value that I continue doing and believing, and that's honor, honesty, and discipline. I've been intrigued by the belief of Samurai ever since I entered secondary school, and decided to take some of its code and live with it. Although I admit, real life isn't as colorful as our hopes and dreams but heck, at least I keep on trying to live with that code. Don't mean to brag, but if you tell me to cheat on exams, I'll certainly refuse, no matter how ignorant the teacher (or lecturer or lecturer's assistant) is, except the exam itself allows you to do so.

As for interpersonal skills, well... I've decided to change the fact that I'm not good at presenting in front of an audience. Frankly, I'm always nervous whenever I'm on stage or whenever I'm standing in front of a crowd. I want to change that, especially after I see a series of Apple's keynotes. The presenters in the keynote are relaxed, and seem to have a hold of themselves whenever they're on stage and I think it might be actually fun... so that's why I decided to stop my stage fright and have fun while speaking on the front.

I may be able to name more than those above, but I can't really remember what. I admit that I'm quite a forgetful person. That's why I really hate subjects or lectures that emphasize on memorizing a content...

Name At Least One Value and Interpersonal Skill That is Successful in Developing

Again with the values... oh well. I think the most successful attitude of value that I've developed is the honor and honesty part. I rarely, if ever, cheated on exams (that excludes the exam that allows you to cheat); note it well: EXAMS. Additionally, I've also never cheated on competitions, and think that if I fight fair and square, good things will come. It's said in the bible that if you aren't led astray, you will be lucky, right? I forgot from which gospel that quote comes from. 

As for interpersonal skill, I think my most successful skill is to treat people equally with respect initially. I don't know if that's included in the Interpersonal Skill index. Like I said before, whether that guy deserves further respect from me or not, I'll have to treat them with respect at first. Besides, I believe in the saying 'Don't treat people the way you don't want to be treated', and I believe in Karma.

Well, I guess that's all for now, Folks. I'll be frank that I'm actually writing this in a rush. I've just updated my iPad2 to iOS7, and I'm really excited to try it out. I'll update this post when the lecturer asks me to. As for iOS7 review, I think I can, but I can't. The iPad2 only receives the essential features of the new OS, so a full review isn't possible, unless I have an iPhone5. The only thing that I hate from Apple is their selective measures when it comes to upgrading older hardware...

Anyway, thanks for coming by and hope to see you soon! :D


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