Interpersonal Communication

This article was originally meant for a task assigned to me last week. It's straight from university, so it might feel kind of... out of place. Heck, I was even planning to create a new blog dedicated for online assignments, but I think it's more convenient to post them here, and put a specialized 'UKP' tag under them. After all, it's been months since I last posted, and it's been ages since I last posted a tip. All right, enough for the introductory parts; hit the break for to read the rest of the assignment/article.

So, just like what the title says, I'll be talking about Interpersonal Communication. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Interpersonal Communication is exchange of information between two or more people. Everyone in the world knows how to communicate ever since they were born, but how good they are in utilizing this particular skill varies on each person. There are also various methods of communication, but this time, our main topic will be the oldest way of communicating mankind has known: verbally.

I, for example, know how to communicate. I can talk, I can use gestures, etc. However, I don't think I'm that good in communicating. Sure, I know how to deliver the right information to the recipient, but sometimes miscommunications occur, and though it's mostly annoying, it's still normal, in my opinion. What I think I'm good at, though, is thinking of an alternative, should my initial delivery fails. One example is, rather than explaining all the technical details, I'd rather look for a live example. I certainly think that my talking opponent will understand what I'm saying easier if I use analogies.

Speaking about obstacles in communication, I think the most dominant is miscommunication; at least in my case, it is. Sometimes it's really annoying to know that our opponent misunderstands what we're trying to say, which may lead to an argument, or even a fight. Difference in age and education may also be a hindrance in communication. Usually if this problem turns up, I try to be respectful, and control everything that comes out of my mouth, either my opponent is of higher or lower age/education. No one wants miscommunication, because once it occurs, straightening it up can be complex.

Difference of Age/Knowledge May Also Lead to Miscommunication
So, I know how to communicate, I know that I'm not perfect, so how do I improve myself? Yes, I admit that there are people with tremendous gift, but that gift is like a diamond in the rough; it's useless if you don't cut and polish it. Same thing applies for communication. As you deal with more and more people, you'll gain more and more experience and will eventually get better at communicating. Oh, did I not say that books also help?

Okay, I guess that's all for today, Folks. There are still things needing my attention; this is just one of them. Rest assured, though... I will never kill this blog. If I have spare time and an inspiration, I'll surely add another post. I just can't promise when the next post will come up. University life can be more demanding than high school life, though sometimes it's more fun.

Anyway, thanks for reading and coming by! :D


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