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Well, it's been a long time since I last checked on my blog -- Oh wait, I've checked on it a few days ago; change that to: It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Now, that's better. Usually, I would find some stuffs or guides to write on or to share, but these few months, I've been so literally busy that I almost have no time to check my blog, let alone update it... Thanks to the life of being a university student--Informatics Engineering (something like Computer Science) major, to be precise.

Don't get me wrong... I like being an Informer (a nickname for Computer Science students in my university); I like coding, I like learning how computer works, and thinking the flow of how a software works logically. What I don't like is actually the deadlines... And you know that university life is way different to high school life. While the teachers in high schools are constantly monitored and have standards, teachers in university (or lecturers) are sometimes annoying, and if you hit the jackpot, you'll just have to rely on your luck to pass that particular subject.

Seriously, I'm going to whine about my university life in this post so feel free to skip it if you want. I won't blame you :p

Many people say that university life is going to be fun, energetic, and your last chance to enjoy youth. Heck, I was also enthusiastic when I first got into the first semester. I got through the orientation, which is full of tortures and all kinds of propaganda along with lots of ridiculous tasks in hope to get that ideal life (yes, in Indonesia, the Welcome Party is not actually a party...). My first semester is... Well, pretty good... and enjoyable. I could pass well... except for one subject that dragged our overall grade down. I won't say it here, or it'll offend someone.

I thought the second semester would be the same: mediocre, enjoyable, and pretty passable. However, I soon learn that I might have just made a mistake. I spent my entire 24 credits for at least 7 subjects. I forgot about the practical sessions and additional training sessions, which make me study for 12 hours in my campus once a week. Fortunately, this is nearing the second semester... which means I'm nearing the end of my ordeal. But that isn't over...

I'm starting to think that my good grades in the previous semester is caused by luck; that I got all the best lecturers in my studies. If that particular lecturer was stingy in giving grades, he / she was stunningly good at teaching... and vice-versa. However, this semester seems to be quite a turnaround compared to the previous semester. I got this insane lecturer who can neither teach nor give good grades (the rumor has it); what's worse, is he's teaching the subject that requires the best lecturer to teach... or I won't be able to understand the lessons at all. Hence, I'm forced to make my own note, and 'decrypt' the lesson myself. Damn it... Who do you think I am, Einstein's descendant?

Second semester is also the first semester to introduce End-Semester Projects to freshmen. These projects are meant to be your grade booster, in case you didn't do well in that subject before. Although it's done in groups, you're obliged to present them in the end of the semester. That's fine with me... but added with these insane assignments and constant pressures of learning something new to add into your project to make it different from everybody else, it's kind of frustrating and depressing. You're also required to submit a written paper (dubbed 'Proposal') to the lecturer. That paper will contain all the concepts for your project, and how you'll share the work with your team. With all deadlines closing in... you'll only have one thing to do: Shorten your sleep. God...

But hey, it isn't all that dark and gloomy. There are also bright sides. I got some great friends in my major, and I think I'll have fun with them. Sometimes, while waiting for the next session, we would go to a mall to get some refreshments, or just hang out in the Computer Center leeching off free Internet :p. It's pretty relieving that you have friends, you know. After all, being social is a must for us all.

So, to summarize things up... While this ending second semester might bring more harm than good, I think it's a good 'whip' for me not to slack off. Until now, I'm still thinking about the 'relaxed university life' people had been saying before I went to university, since what I've been feeling now is that university life is full of pressure... or perhaps the pressure will decrease as I progress? Heck, let God and time be the judge of that...

Well, I guess that's all what I want to say. If you're reading this... I'm telling you that there's a good chance that your university life is different from mine, and this is just what I'm feeling right now. I'm a freshman, and there's so much for me to learn and experience. For those who haven't got to university life yet, please don't get anxious. If you major on what you like (such as in Computer Science like me), you'll be able to tackle all those challenges. Just remember this one thing: Deciding a major is an event that may decide your future. Think well... Think twice--no, think ten times before you decide which major you want. You can turn back and change major, but you can't return all those time you waste, alright?

So, that's all folks. Thanks for reading the complaints and the whines of this young foolish freshman. I promise I'll update the blog soon, so feel free to come and visit again next time. Oh, and if you're feeling like talking about university life, feel free to leave your comments below. Don't worry, I'll give a reply soon. Just remember the rules and don't SPAM. It's never a good thing... I don't like to be spammed, and so don't you, right? Finally, thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon again! :D


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