How to Install Fonts into Your Mac

FontBook. The Tool You Need to Install Fonts into Your Mac.
In newer Windows (Vista and above), it's easy to install fonts you download from the Internet. You just right-click on them, and click 'Install'. For more than one fonts, you can just select all the fonts you want, right-click, and 'Install'. Yes, it's that simple. However, for Mac... Things aren't as easy, I'm afraid.

There's a built-in tool in Mac OS X called 'Font Book'. It's basically a Font Manager, which shows all the fonts you have in your Mac. It's the tool that you need in order to install external fonts. Head past the break and I'll show you how to install them :)

Font Book Interface (Click to Zoom)
There are three easy ways to access the Font Book:

  1. Double-click your font file.
  2. Press Command+Space from your Mac to open Spotlight and type 'Font Book'. Press Enter to open the tool.
  3. Head to your Application folder (through Finder or Launchpad) -> Others -> Font Book

Installing One Single Font

This is probably the easiest way to install a font. To do it, you just click your font file, and it'll pop up a window like below:
The window will allow you to install your font into your database. If you already have the font, the system will give you a warning. It's advised to cancel should the warning shows up, since there's no use installing the same font again.

This method only installs one font at a time. Yes, you can do the same to a few fonts, but if you have tens of fonts to install... You're going to break either a finger or a mouse :p

Or follow an easier method below ;)

Bulk-Install Fonts

If you're an impatient guy like me, or just want to do things quickly, this method is for you. It's as simple as one-two-three:
  1. Open up Font Book.
  2. Select all the fonts you want to install (Might as well gather all fonts into one folder for easy access).
  3. Drag your fonts into the Font Book, and wait until the install is finished.
Good job! You've done installing all those fonts into your Mac. Your newly-installed fonts are immediately ready for you to use. That's not so hard isn't it?

A piece of warning/advice, though... Try not to install so many fonts (more than 500, to be precise) or it'll slow your computer down. Only install those that you'll certainly use in the future. No one likes a slow computer... and no one will.

Alright, I guess that's all for today, Folks. I know it's a very basic feature of Mac OSX, but many newbies haven't discovered it. I hope that this guide could be useful to anyone who needs it. If you have any other easier methods, feel free to share it in the comments section below :D

Finally, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again in the next post. Good day to you all :)


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