Return of The Blog (and Breaking News)

Alright, I realize that it's been roughly a month (or more) since my last post, about the iMac Refresh. Well, now the new iMac is already on sale in the U.S. of A, Apple fans here in Indonesia will need to wait for the ridiculously-thin AIO desktop. One good advantage of getting last in launch, though, is that we'll get to see the reviews from the professionals first. Should the product has defects (got blown off easy, messy internals, etc.), we can avoid buying it and keep the hard-earned dough for the next generation product next year :p

As in other news, the iPhone5 has finally landed here, with still its 'revolutionary' price of Rp7,999,999.00 for factory-unlocked models. For those of you who are eager to get one but doesn't have enough cash, maybe you should take a look at the contracts telco operators like Telkomsel and Indosat are offering. Be sure to simulate your cash flow in the next 12 months, though... or you'll get burned.

Meanwhile, ATIV Smart PC has also landed here to bring the hybrid goodness between tablet and portable PC. Equipped with Windows 8, ATIV also came in two flavors: RT and Pro. RT costs around Rp9,459,000.00 while the other costs Rp13,499,999.00. I myself have opted for ASUS Vivobook instead, a middle-ranged touch-screen portable equipped with Windows 8 and i3/i5 processor. They may not have detachable screen, but I already have an iPad, what's the point of having another tablet? :p

Instagram Madness

Greed... Revisited.
Earlier this week, the ever-popular image sharing service added a twist to the Internet society by changing its ToS (Terms of Service), stating that Instagram can use your photos for advertising purposes without your consent. This minor change causes rages among amateur photographers, and thousands have threatened to close their account in response to this insanity.

However, to our fortune, they reverted the change to their ToS, and everything goes back to normal. Instead of attacking their ToS, users turn their attention towards the deletion of crop feature in their latest update (might apply to the iOS version, as I don't get this in Android...)

Okay, that's the news flash I got for today. Some may not be up-to-date, but I guess this may be the beginning of my return to the blogging world :D

Next, I'll start replying to those forgotten comments. Sorry, Guys :(

University life really takes most of my time... =="

Happy reading and see you in the next post! :D


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