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Well, this Holiday Season, I'm truly idle... or I don't really have anything really worthwhile to do. I originally wanted to study about 3DS Max, but since the program is being downloaded as I write (yeah, 1-2GB programs take longer to download. Welcome to reality, My Friend...), I think I'll try to find something else to do.

And... guess what? I think I'm going to earn money from the Internet. The Internet is, as people say, a land of opportunity, just like America. If you can read your opportunity right and use it, you'll benefit from it. I've started this online job since I was a kid, but back then I knew nothing of PayPal and I thought that the earning was too little, so I quitted. But after more than a decade, I decide to get back, since I already know much more things about Internet, and most of my time, I sit in front of my computer/laptop, so doing some multitasking won't be bad at all :p

The online jobs that I currently have is about PTC (Paid-to-Click) and Captcha-Solving. If you're interested, get past the break  :)


It's a term of job that pays you based on your click (either advertisements, links, etc.). I have two accounts currently running and I clicked them every single day. To be honest, the earning isn't too, well... tempting. But hey, if you're patient enough, you'll succeed eventually. And one more thing, when dealing with this business, you'll need to be extra careful. While most sites like this (especially -bux site) offer you to invest to gain bigger income, most of them also tend to be scam. This is caused by the fortune that the publisher can make. With only $25, you can already start this business. Imagine the fortune that you'll get in a short time if you can gain a lot of advertisers, plus the investment of your members. Based on what I've heard and read, these 'corrupted' admins can turn scam in just a few months, or even weeks.

I've registered to the following PTC sites:

The Banner Doesn't Lie
Davidsbux is actually one of the -bux sites that I wrote above. I can guarantee you readers that davidsbux is managed by a trusted admin. For example, I've got my account suspended for 2 times and I've contacted the admin via support ticket. He responded quite quickly and reactivated my account. Payout minimum is $1 through PayPal or ALERTPAY (formerly Payza) for the first cashout and increases by 1$ for the next until you reach 3$. It's frustrating, I know, but hey... no harm done if you don't invest, do you?

Kind of Embarrassing...
The next site is neobux. This one site isn't a bux site, despite the name. This site has been established since 2008 and it has paid $112,357.86 and more to its members. I've recently joined this one since many people seem to deem this site trusted, and has a lot of opportunity. Alright, alright, don't stare at the writing on the banner... It's embarrassing, you know... =A="

Okay, the initial cashout for this site will be $2 and it will increase by $1 until you reach $10 minimum. Again, you won't earn much at first, but there are tons of prizes that are offered. By browsing a series of advertisements (you can still do what you can, but make sure you see the advertisement. My trick is to decrease the window size :p), you may stand a chance of winning prizes. Either coins, points, or balance from $0.25 to a whopping $50.00! Everyone has a chance to win, don't worry. I haven't been lucky with draws like this but I've already won three times. Keep trying and Goddess of Fortune will smile at you eventually.

There are also mini jobs and offers that you can do to get some extra cash and saves yourself from clicking and clicking.

Captcha Solving

For you downloaders, I'm sure you guys have come across captcha codes; the tricky codes which are said to be able to prove you a human. Heck, some of these codes are so scrambled that I can't even know what to type. Well, if you want to try to be better at that, as well as training your typing speed and make your spare time worthwhile, I can suggest you to this site, and use 570A as the invitation code. You'll need one when you register.

Megatypers is actually a one unique site. Each Monday, they'll review each of their member's balance. If his/her balance has reached $3, then they'll proceed with the payment. I've been paid $6,98 through PayPal, and I'm about to receive my next payment next week. So yeah, this one is a trusted site. I have proof for this.

The amount that you'll get for solving each code depends on what hour you work on. Later, you'll be presented a time table, as well as each tariff per time zone. I suggest you take a look closely at the table, since it'll be matched with the Server Time, not your Local Time. Don't type rubbish, too, since although at first your balance is added, later it will be deducted for each wrong captcha you typed. There's also the Precision Rate to know how accurate you can solve those tricky codes.

Okay, I guess that's all I can share to you guys. All the links that I've provided above are the links to be my referral/affiliate. I don't force you to register to be mine since my purpose of posting this is to inform you guys of Internet opportunity, but I'd appreciate it too if you become mine :)

Well, that's all for today, Folks. If you need any proofs regarding to the above sites, you can ask me, and I'll try sending them to you (it'll take longer to post proofs about PTC sites, since I'm working for it currently). If you have something to say, you can either email me, or fill out the comment form below (no SPAM, or it'll be deleted instantly). Lastly, I apologize should there be any flaws with this post, and I hope you guys will visit me again sometime later :D


  1. Hey this website is very informative specially the Captcha solving problems and careers or money online is very helpful for me, please guide me how to find management employment through online like Empower Network i'm very thankful for this special consideration

    1. Hrm, from what I've seen, Empower Network requires an investment, and not a little. There's a minimum $20 monthly fee, and more for their courses. The courses are very useful, and deep, but still, there's no guarantee to succeed, and that depends entirely on you. You may pay quite an amount at first, but if you focus on their courses and have patience, you'll receive quite a fortune. Otherwise, you may have just wasted your money.

      Many people gain from the Empower Network, but not few fail, although most of failures are caused by them misunderstanding the concept of EN itself.

      I hope that answers your question! :D

      Thanks for visiting


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