Extend Your Volume [Tutorial]

Okay, so I've been busy with my lectures; that's why I can't do anything about this blog. Besides, I'm already a university student... and as a freshman, there are lots of things to do... after I got my first Mac.

Well, today I've just found out something interesting; something that might save you minutes, hours, or even days from formatting your slow PC thanks to the shortage of C:\ volume space. It's proven... I've just done this trick, and I don't think I need to format this old PC.

In case you don't know... we're going to extend the volume of your C:\. This trick doesn't do magic by miraculously adding extra bytes into your internal storage. This is only applicable only if you have an unused partition. For example, the legacy from your deleted second OS. I'm making this guide based on Windows 7. There might be some similarities with Windows Vista, I don't know...

See the guide after the break :D

  1. The fastest way possible to access the feature is through the Start Menu's Search feature. Type 'Computer Management' in the search box, and quickly press Enter.
  2. Right from the newly-popped window, you should see three sections in the middle column. Double-click 'Storage', then do the same with 'Disk Management'. Wait for a few moments, and you should see the list of your drives and partitions.
  3. Take notice that there might be more partitions than the ones you see in Windows Explorer. Those partitions are usually named with 'Recovery', 'Backup', etc. Their size shouldn't be that big, and YOU SHOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE. Those are there for a reason, and I'm not brave enough to mess with them.
  4. Highlight the partition you no longer need, and right-click it. Choose 'Delete Volume' and press 'Yes'. Please be wary that YOU SHOULD BACKUP YOUR DATA IN THE UNWANTED PARTITION. There's no going back! The process shouldn't take that long...
  5. Once it's deleted, it will read as 'Unallocated Space'. That's what you need to extend the volume. You won't be able to pull off this trick if you don't have this in your partition list.
  6. Move your cursor to the partition you wish to extend, and right click. Click 'Extend Volume', and follow the onscreen instructions. Oh, by the way... In case you want to expand more than one partitions, you can do that by simply changing the settings. Please remember that 1GB = 1024MB, and 1MB=1024KB.
That trick saves me from formatting, re-installing the OS and the driver. If you have other problems other than shortage of C: space (virus, trojan, broken filesystems, etc.) then I'm sorry. You'll have to re-install the OS freshly... :s

Okay, I guess that's all for now. Happy trying and thanks for reading :D


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