A Really Tough and Busy Day

Okay, today when I revisited my blog, I was surprised to see that my last post was over 2 weeks ago. I tell you, I 've really been busy this week. Being a last-year senior sure isn't an easy business. There's a lot of things you need to take care of. I think I'll pour it all down here:

  1. We always know that last exam we all should take before passing the grade. In Indonesia, there's this National Exam that all students must take in order to continue to the next education level. Due to the high importance of this event, all schools have been doing try-outs, either it's Government's or school's, or even a third-party try out. In the beginning of February, our school had a try out, and on March 1st, there will be another try-out.
  2. My Grandmother passed away 16 days ago, and of course, I had to pay my last respects to her. She's been very kind to me ever since I was a baby. My grandfather passed away when I was a child, so my memory of him is kind of vivid. However, my memory of grandmother is still carved into my mind. May you rest in peace alongside Grandp` in a better world, Grandma :)
  3. Web Race, yeah... that's what it's supposed to be called. There's this final IT assignment about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It's said that which website reaches the top of the Google search page for 'My Insanely Great Class' keyword would receive the best mark. Ever since the announcement of this assignment, every class just rushes in bringing articles, and using various programs and plugins to win this ridiculous race, even the ones that haven't been updated ever since the first assignment. I personally think this system isn't fair. Why? Because it only makes people write because they'll get good results. There's no true passion in this... you just write, and submit. I really think the teachers should add another criteria, and that's the content of the website. Reaching the rank itself could be a piece of pie... but maintaining a constant flow of quality article written with passion is much more important. I don't mean to be naive, but that's how I think. If any of you my good readers find this final point offensive, I truly apologize. I mean no offense... I'm just pouring my thoughts into this article.
Finally, I've been considering of changing/moving my blog somewhere else. Would you please help me and participate in a poll in the sidebar to find out which blog provider is the best? I would really be grateful for any one vote. :D


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