The Next Chapter in Second Voyage

The current chapter being worked on Project Apocalypse: The Second Voyage is the clash between the gods and their armies, with Prometheus and Helios. This chapter is going to be the one of three turning points for the gods and the humans to turn the table fighting against the mighty Titans.

The concept
The Mebians have laid siege on the Divine Kingdom's Capital City, and The Circle of Colossus is confronting them. Supplied with virtually limitless manpower from the Titan of Valor Prometheus and limitless energy source from the Titan of Sun Helios, the Mebians are slowly being led to a certain defeat. The gods are waiting for the defeat of the Mebians as the only means of firing down upon the Circle's soldiers.

The aim of this plan is to force Prometheus and Helios to come out of their human form, and let them run amok on The Sanctuary. The reason for this is Sol's studies which has uncovered that the Titans were actually 'huge machines' complete with accessible internals, allowing smaller forces to infiltrate, and destroy them from inside. The gods are going to use their elite Predator soldiers to infiltrate, along with the two important figures Lyner and Scar, aka Osiris to infiltrate and defeat the two Titans. Once the two have been eliminated, the Titans are going to suffer huge losses.

The Titans
Atlas in God of War II (Courtesy of GamesRadar)
Ever played God of War II on PlayStation2? If yes, then you should still remember Atlas, the Titan whom Zeus forced to carry the world on his back. Kratos could walk inside him, in which we can assume him as a 'walking earth'. This inspired us to implement such a concept into Prometheus. His emergence is marked by huge seismic activity around the vicinity, with sharply-increasing energy and heat spike, and hills quickly formed all around.
In the center, is the highest volcano among all. The eruption of this center volcano is the coming of the mighty Titan. The craters then becomes the gateway for his claymen 'children' to walk the earth, spreading fear and chaos alike.

As for Helios, there's nothing much to say about him, since we plan on making him a minor Titan, but with HUGE strategic use. He's just an ordinary guy riding a bright, shining Chariot of Sun, which is the sun itself. He's not going to be that tough, and one Predator should be able to take him down (we'll see...). We haven't found a footage for Helios yet to take it as a concept art, but we'll update as soon as it's available.


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