iPad2 n iPhone4S Jailbreak is Live! [GUIDE]

Okay, so I've bought an iPad2 a few months ago. It's sleek, fast, and overall, I'm satisfied with it (although it's kind of limited... ._.). I was just trying to experience an iPad, so I bought a mediocre choice: 32GB Wi-Fi Only. But that's not the only reason... I've already got 3 3G devices. If I had bought another 3G device, my parents would slit my throat (not literally, though :p)

It's been a struggle for the dev teams to actually find out an exploit for a jailbreak. I still remember my first jailbreak, when it was @Comex who made it using jailbreakme.com. It's the easiest. Sadly, after the firmware 4.3.3, his exploit became useless. Worry not, since another hacker nicknamed pod2g, along with some friends who are popular in the jailbreaking field(p0sixninja, planetbeing, MuscleNerd,and pimskeks), they manage to create the jailbreak app for these A5 devices.

Since I don't have a Mac, I'll just explain the Windows version of this jailbreak. Before we start, here are the specs and OS of mine:
1. A notebook laptop sporting Windows7 Ultimate 32-bit.
2. An active internet connection.
3. iPad2 Wi-Fi 32GB, iOS5.0.1
4. Apple cable data (who am I kidding, you should've known this already...)
5. Make sure you've turned off the Passcode Lock or you'll stuck at jailbreaking ;)
6. Save your SHSH using TinyUmbrella before doing this or you'll never be able to downgrade once Apple releases iOS5.1 (Wi-Fi Only)

Those are what we need. Now, go to this link, and download the .zip file. This is your primary weapon for the jailbreak. The rest can be accomplished by the following procedure:

  1. Once the download is finished, put it in the root of your C: folder. Don't worry, this won't break anything; just ease the need for the next step ;)
  2. Open the Command Line, or type cmd.exe in the Start menu search box. I recommend running it as the Administrator.
  3. Start navigating to the C:\ folder. Type cd C:\ and click enter.
  4. In the next line, type the name of the folder. cd cinject_0.4.3 and click enter.
  5. Type cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig and press enter. You should be prompted to install a profile called 'jailbreak'. Let it install, and when it asks you for a password, just leave it be and press "Next".
  6. Type cinject.exe -j payloads and hit enter. If you encounter any problem during this process, I advise you to restore your iPad2 to its original settings. Reset can either be done in Settings or through iTunes. DON'T RESTORE YOUR BACKUP (for now :p). Afterwards, repeat from step 3.
  7. When the Command Prompt window is stuck, head to the Settings from your iPad and toggle the VPN section. Let it get error, and the Command Prompt should do its job. When your iPad restarts, it means you're done. Yay! =D
Okay, afterwards, you can start adding repo and install tweaks from Cydia. 
If you have any problem, either contact me from comments or access #greenpois0n on irc.chronic-dev.org
Happy Jailbreaking! =D

Note: I'm not responsible for any damage caused by jailbreaking or this method, or even any illegal use of this. This guide is meant for the free world, not copyright infringement. I can assure you that I've tried this myself, and no problem encountered.


  1. Absinthe pas guide iq dibuat sek blom ada, wkwkwkwk :p

    Gampang'an pake iq rasa'ne... Absinthe kq ketok'e angel gto... :s


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