Samsung Wave2... or Wave3?

You see, currently I have 3 mobile phones (I really don't mean to brag, but each of those phones really matter to me :p) Here are each of them: Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, BlackBerry 9800 Torch, and Nokia X2-00. To prove that each of them matters, here are the main purposes for each of this phone:

  1. The Galaxy S is currently my primary phone, for I've been using it to browse the net, text, and email all my assignments -if not saving them in cloud, and it's been a lifesaver to me. Surely, I won't replace it easily with other Android smartphone. Must be worth it.
  2. The BlackBerry is for... well, just chatting my friends and colleagues. BB is currently booming in Indonesia (and I guess it'll be for quite a long time) and somehow it has become a 'necessity'.
  3. The X2 is mainly just for side phone. I think I've posted that my high school offers each of its student a free SIM card for a certain mobile operator. These SIMs can text and make calls to registered numbers for free (registered, means... all the same school students and parents) so I thought I could make some use of this offer... while it's still there.
At first, I planned to buy the unannounced Nokia Lumia series Windows Phone, since it seems to be affordable with reasonable price, although it impacts with the specs and performance. Many people say that the OS is still... "half-baked", but I believe that most of the limitations were fixed in its 7.5 update. The other reason is that Nokia here, is famous for its free navigation service, and powerful GPS detection (even my Galaxy S has its GPS chip useless when you use it inside a building; you'll be undetected if you're in a basement :p)

However, the plans got changed up and down last night, when I went to Galaxy Mall in Surabaya. There, I saw a device with elegant design, and really, really, affordable price (Rp1.990.000,00 if I wasn't mistaken) in a retail shop. Guess what? It's the Samsung Wave II S8530 (pictured in the left).

Seems familiar? Yeah, it uses Samsung's trademark TouchWiz3.0, just like its Galaxy Series phones. It's not Android, unfortunately. It's Samsung's own BADA OS. Applications aren't as many as iOS or Android, but for everyday tasks, like agenda, text, email, or internet surfing, I'd say that it's a monster.

It's specs is extremely similar to my SGS, with the A8 1GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 2GB Internal Memory, and the 5MP shooter which is capable to record 30FPS-720p video. The main difference is probably the screen, the OS, LED Flash, and the all-metal elegant design. They're currently selling the Galaxy SL here for around Rp3.500.000,00 with the same specs, but for this phone, you get the exactly same monster at half the price.

What makes me rethink to purchase this phone, is the coming of its successor, the Samsung S8600 Wave3 (pictured left). The only noticeable upgrade is the faster 1.4GHz processor (still single-core, though), and an updated Bada OS v2.0 (the interface is awfully similar to the Galaxy SII). There's no official news about its launch in Indonesia, but it's been confirmed that it's coming. Recently, it has been launched in India, with a price of approximately Rp3.600.000,00 and that's a lot for me, although cheapest in its class...

Now, one considering point for me, is that Bada v2.0 will also come to older Wave devices, such as Wave I, Wave II, or the lower-end Wave 525 or 723, or 533, and although still unknown, will hopefully updated to 3.0 when it's released. Wave and Bada are Samsung's official properties, and all devices should be supported as long as possible (now Samsung is pretty generous for giving updates, unlike a few years ago with the Behold and Spica).

Another point... is that beside the Wave3, Samsung also released the new Wave M and Y, with a lower-clocked processor (832MHz). If it can hold Bada v2.0, why can't Wave II get it? Besides, new phones shouldn't get abandoned the moment after it's released, right?
P.S.: Example is RIM that abandoned the 9800 by releasing the all-powerful Dakota, Monza, or other OS7 devices. They really shouldn't release the 9800... why can't just move on with the newer smartphones? (No offense, just saying to myself...)

What's better for you guys? Can you help me out? I hope the Wave II hasn't been discontinued yet...


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