Finally, A Redesign!

Like My New Look?

Finally, Blogger has received three new themes. All of them have finally adopted the current design trend: flat and colorful. After I thought that Blogger was dead, I'm glad that I was wrong. Well, I thought so because its official app was last updated in February 2016. Even so, the interface is so outdated it looks like an app from the early days of Android.

Well, anyway, even though there are new themes, I'm sad to say that I only like one of them, and it's Contempo, the one that you're looking at right now. At least now it looks more modern. Anyway, the theme is same: green. During the redesign process, I might make a few changes here and there, so please bear with me.

Well, I guess that's all for now. There's a new article coming on the weekend. Stay tuned!


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