Not Enough Space for Windows 10 Anniversary Update? This Trick might Help You

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Approximately one week ago, Microsoft released the latest major update to their Windows 10, dubbed the "Anniversary Update" which brings an update to the start menu as well as other changes and improvements, both visible and under the hood. While I updated my systems just fine, I was unable to update my trusty Acer Iconia W510. Why? Well... storage space, that's why.

How much space I had left
If you're updating through Windows Update, the application will tell you that you need to have at least 16GB of free space in your main partition (usually C:). Well, Sir... that's certainly impossible for my Iconia, because it only has 32GB to start with. That number doesn't count the partition size of ~4GB which leaves only 28GB of usable space. Cut that number with the size of Windows OS, built-in apps, and some of my personal apps, I was left with "just" 11.4GB. I've already tried Disk Cleanup a few times and CCleaner. However, that didn't help. Fortunately, after browsing the Internet, I finally came up with a solution. I'm going to share the solution that I found working after the break.

Sorry, but there's no way I'll write all of them at once here, right?

Using Windows Media Creation Tool

During the early days of Windows 10 upgrade offer (or fiasco, according to some people...), Windows 10 is delivered in a staged manner, meaning that those who are interested in taking the offer will have to wait in line. Since I'm an impatient type of person, I want a way to directly download the upgrade no matter how long it will take. At that time, I found out about Windows Media Creation Tool. Actually, it's a useful little software. Not only it will allow you to download Windows 10 (and it's available updates) but also allow you to upgrade your own PC or install the media into an external drive (most preferably USB flashdisk). You can download the tool from here for free, directly from Microsoft. Before you start, if you think you don't have enough space in your tablet, please consider inserting a SD Card into it, just in case, since there are information that if Windows feels the main drive can't keep the update files, it'll keep the files in the secondary (or external) storage.

Once you've downloaded the tool, open it, and you'll be greeted with the usual License Terms. Of course, you should read it, but to keep this guide short, let's just press "Accept". Next, you'll be asked whether you want to upgrade this PC (the computer in which the tool is running) or create an installation media for another PC. If you choose the former, the tool will proceed to upgrading the PC. If you choose the latter, later you will be asked where you want to install the ISO. Since this guide is all about upgrading a PC via this tool, we'll proceed with the first choice.

The usual License Agreement part. You know what to do.
Since we're upgrading our own PC, we should pick the
first choice
The tool will then proceed to downloading the Windows 10 ISO. Make sure you have an active and (hopefully) fast Internet connection, since the ISO measures for at least 3GB (excluding the updates). Long story short, once the download is finished, you'll be asked what to keep. It's up to you, really, but I'd rather keep my personal files, apps, and Windows settings since I'll be using the tablet again. I haven't got the time to explore all the options, but you're welcome to try, at your own risk, of course.

What do you want to keep? I bet you'll be choosing the first one!
(Image taken from another source)
Once you've made up your mind on what to keep, the tool will start the installation process. Depending on your PC's specs, it might take a while. For my Iconia, this process took me one night. Anyway, once the whole process is done, and you're back in your desktop, you should notice a few changes, especially in the Start menu. Oh, and don't forget to check your system from Settings->About. The Anniversary Update will bump your OS version to 1607 and your OS Build to 14393.51.

Congratulations! You've just upgraded your Windows 10 to the latest Anniversary Update.

About the System in my Iconia Tab
Well, I guess that's all, Folks. I hope you'll find this guide useful. As usual, if you have any questions, sound them off in the comments below. I'll try my best to answer them. Finally, thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to your next visit. Enjoy your weekend! :D


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