100th Post Milestone

Wow, just wow. That's my reaction when I noticed that the last post I wrote was the 99th. Frankly, I never thought that I would dedicate myself enough to at least reach 50 posts, but reality said otherwise. Thanks to you my dear readers and friends who encourage me to keep writing :D

If you don't mind, I'd like to reminisce for a little bit. I started this blog when I was in early high school. At first, I was interested in SEOs and there were many success stories about people getting rich through personal blogs. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that the sole purpose of this blog was to make money. I had plans for this blog, trying to hook it up with AdSense, etc. Unfortunately, Google kept declining my application and I gave up.

The moment I gave up was the moment I realized that I have taken a liking in writing. I started to write my own novel when I was in second grade high school. I had been playing numerous jRPGs, so I know a little bit about crafting stories, let it be war, romance, or suspense. And then, the launch of Android somehow opened my eyes. I thought to myself, "I've been reading tech blogs and articles for years... Why couldn't I start one myself?"

That thought set aside the original thought that blogs exist simply to make money. Thus, it led me to the regeneration of the once-dead blog. I redecorated it and started writing regular posts. Well, they're not posted in a fixed time interval like professional blogs, but at least the blog lives long enough to reach 100 posts. 

So, I guess that's a little bit about this blog I love. Sure, the blog's name might not be original and it's on Blogger (for free), but none of that matters. I'm proud of my work so far and I think I'm going to keep writing for years and years ahead. Writing has somehow become part of my entertainment besides games and movies, so I know I'm not going to leave it any time soon.

Well, I guess that's that, Folks. Thanks to you that the blog is still alive until now. I hope that I'll continue to see you again and serve you the reviews and articles that might be of your use. Until then, take care and have a nice day :D


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