New Blog Opened

So, I've finally made up my mind. I'm going to use WordPress for my next-gen blog, in which I'm going to use to write stories and others. Does this mean that this blog is dead? No, it's not. Things are going to change, and I'll just post useful things into this blog, ranging from tutorials, tips, tricks etc. It will be changed from a personal blog, to a 'Mainstream' blog, which is well, going to put just... anything.

Click 'More' to find out! :D

Funny thing that the name of the blog I was going to choose had already been taken. I was going to take the name "" (which I thought to be unique enough) but it wasn't available... and when I explored another alternatives, using dashes or underscore, WordPress wouldn't allow it. Also, when I tried to access the address above, it turned out the authors had deleted it. Man, didn't WordPress delete everything when one of its blog was closed down? Feeling disappointed, I gave up, and instead of using numbers, I preferred to 'slip' the writing a little bit (Grammar Nazis won't approve this :p). Please give it a visit :)


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