Oceanus, The Chivalrous Titan

Okay, Project Apocalypse: Second Voyage has reached its mid-phase of development. During this phase, I create another titan that would get in the main characters’ way in retrieving Jenova, the key to end whatever madness the main protagonist Ouranos is planning. However, another of Ouranos’ Titan soldier, Oceanus, is getting in their way. In this post, I would like to make an introduction of who Oceanus is. Unfortunately, I can’t provide the actual artwork of him…

I’ve planned to make the new Titan with the following descriptions:

  1. A humanoid body with navy blue skin, just like in James Cameron’s Avatar. Muscular figure, considerable height, and ears which looks like those of sea serpents: Four to five needles with a thin cream-colored membrane between two needles. Oh, and don’t forget about a necklace he’s wearing. I plan to make him represent the figure of an ideal surfer.
  2. Unlike common warriors who carry their arsenals conventionally, Oceanus merely spawns his arsenal in just a blink of the eye. His favorite is either bow-and-arrow, or a sword/spear with a virtually-unbreakable shield made of finely-refined onyx mineral.
  3. If he’s in a pinch, he could summon water to either attack, or heal him (His primary element is water, of course… so the fact that water heals him isn’t that strange, right?). There’s a scene in which he’ll use water for forming an impervious wall as his defense, while healing himself. That’s why he often fights around watery area.
  4. He can also spawns little minions which looks like shadowy human figures in order to fight for him or merely act as a distraction. Moreover, Oceanus also has the ability to summon sea monsters such as the mighty Scylla.
  5. Now, moving on to his traits. Even though he seems to be relentless and has no mercy when fighting, he actually holds Chivalry up high. He doesn’t hesitate in changing side when he thinks that his commander is no longer serving a rightful purpose. This is seen when Oceanus finally learns that it is actually Kronos, who provoked the World War, instead of Deus which he had been having in his mind.

Every titan that I design into this project has two forms: One is the human form, which is very useful for one-on-one battle and easy interaction with the world, or the monstrous Titan form, which is used when he’s in a pinch, or when he wants to make some destruction and chaos. Oceanus’ Titan form would be a creature with a humanoid torso (similar to his human form), and abdomen of a crustacean (minus the pinchers, if you ask). He fights with a trident which he newly found beneath the seam, seemingly owned by Odin when he was still alive.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll post another updates when possible. This is a holiday season, which means that I can continue my projects without any hindrance or bugs from school Smile with tongue out


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