Man, indeed these months are really busy. I had quite a difficulty in keeping up with the last year in my high school. But... I guess I have a pretty good start. I know which major I'll literally jump myself into, and I know which university to choose. I know some people don't agree, but I have my commitment.

But I must say that this month is well... extraordinary. Not only because of my friends, and some exciting events, but also updates in many technological aspects. For example, I have this preview of the Windows Developer Preview, which is said to be the pre-beta stages of Windows8. Although they say that this version is unstable, I can say that I'm pretty satisfied so far. It's a little bit confusing, though...

Windows Developer Preview (Windows8 pre-beta)
The All-New Start Menu Interface
From the screenshot above, the start menu is similar to those in Windows Phone 7. No wonder, since Microsoft names it after the interface in their mobile OS, the Metro UI. I don't complain about the interface; it's nice, especially for touch devices and pretty comfortable to scroll with your mouse wheel.
Now, the downside. Remember how you can easily browse your installed programs from the start menu? You can do that by sliding to the end of the start menu (you can also drag your app 'tiles' anywhere for easier access). Unfortunately, I still can't find a way to access built-in apps like Paint, or even Notepad unless through Windows Search (you can do that by typing from Start Menu).

The Window Similar to Microsoft Office GUI

You can guess it. The main desktop GUI is really similar to Microsoft Office and Windows 7 combined altogether. It's beautiful, and easier to navigate, although I think it's pretty difficult to use at first.

Blogger (Updated Interface)
The New and Revamped Blogger GUI
Well, I don't know the exact date, but I know that recently, blogger.com has received quite a makeover in its interface. Now, it is faster, smoother, and more user-friendly. Dominated with white color, this is interface is really comfortable to use when you're editing your posts. Google allowed you to revert to the old interface, in case you don't like the new UI.

It's the best so far, and so much better that the first one, in my opinion...

I somehow really want to try this out!
Some of you might have known the all-new Social Networking site created by Google to match Twitter and Facebook. I've actually surprised that it has recently been released to the general public. Unfortunately, I still get the following error; indicating that I'm still underage. Well... I'm really disappointed that they still have the age restrictions on. I hope they'll lift it soon...
Now I've got to create a dummy account to test it :p

Well, I guess that's all I can deliver for now. I think I'll bring update about my projects soon. I don't know how long 'soon' is :p


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